Paintings and drawings on Rugby by Marine ASSOUMOV

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Hello and welcome to my website devoted to Rugby!

As a painter and collagist, I work per series on topics which inspire me.

In 1995, when being ordered a fresco for a town in France South-west, I started to work on the players of Rugby. Because I already liked, without knowing too much about this sport, the wonderful spectacle of the matches. This topic, bursting with color, movement and gaiety, turned out to be extremely rich, inexhaustible reserve of forms and compositions… Today, I have realised thousands of sketches, hundreds of collages, ink washes and paintings on the “body with body players”: close-up faces with the bunches of players in fray, bounds of the bodies during the key, the release of the scrum to the race towards the try… I have fun in watching and painting this hurly-burly of knees, thighs, buttocks and shoulders, in these movements so powerful and sometimes mysterious for the spectator.

Thanks to this modern topic, I wanted to evoke in compositions of all geometries the large muscular bodies of the players, all alone or piled up in compact blocks. I endeavoured to translate the extraordinary presence of these bodies and their dynamic and coloured expressivity, transfiguring them in Byzantine icons. Little by little, I looked further into this sport, interiorizing the so various phases of play and the very particular physique of the players. Until I finally manage to create my own and original pictorial universe on Rugby.

I would like to share my passion with the amateurs of this sport and show them my beloved giants. I hope that you will appreciate this intimate pictorial voyage around my Rugby.

Marine Assoumov






Le joueur de rugby, peinture sur toile de Marine Assoumov